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last night. he thinks the president did not do well. >> he did not seem to get to the point. mitt romney was very concise. >> this will be her first time of voting, if the 19-year-old can make up for mind. >> i did not feel like anyone is covering issues that are needed. >> this 45-year-old is also struggling to pick her candidate. >> i do not like either candidate's thoughts on health care. >> unemployed mortgage banker said same-sex marriage and the economy are important issues when it comes to deciding who she will vote for.
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she is not even short she will vote. >> if i cannot make a decision as strong decision, i do not know if i want to feel responsible either way as to gets elected. >> both candidates will be here in the state tomorrow. this will be the second time in eight days that both mitt romney and barack obama will be in virginia on the very same day. >> thank you. our coverage from last night's debate continues on you will find a fact check as well as how the obama camp is adjusting its approach for the next one. we will also show you how you can get interactive and register your opinions. >> a massive manhunt tonight underweight for a 17-year-old. he has not been seen since
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monday. what is the latest? >> we have an intense search going on. this is going to go until the evening. they have been surging trails allover this area in fairfax. we're talking about a 17-year- old who made no statements about running away. this is a mystery and his parents are having a tough time. >> follow all the leads that we can. >> tired yes. >> as the parents of bryan glenn make posters and e-mails. they work around the clock to find him. >> we wanted to get home.
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we love you. >> fairfax county police helicopter hovered over the park. the place for his jet was found on tuesday. a search team scoured the woods. >> i am ready to cry. my heart is broken. >> the family says a senior dropped off his 16-year-old brother. instead the family says surveillance video shows in buying a half a dozen donuts. he was never seen again. it is not known if someone else was in a car. >> somewhere, somebody knows something. >> their son was looking forward to homecoming this weekend.
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>> are you worried? >> we walked every day. it is kind of scary. >> his parents are at home anxiously awaiting news. the father told me there was an update, police may have got melitta about someone who recognized their son as being here in this park. police are telling us they did not have any updates. if you have any information you are asked to call fairfax county police. >> a developing story along the u.s.-mexico border. police have arrested two men with possible ties to the shooting death of a border patrol agent. no word on a motive in that attack. >> to an update to a story we brought you first on seven.
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the national park service has now drained the reflecting pool. this is less than two weeks after we discovered algae growing on the water. it is not supposed to happen after that multimillion-dollar renovation. we are on the national mall with where we go from here. >> the reflecting pool is now empty. workers are still here on the scene housing is down, making sure all the best analogy is god. it will be two or three weeks before it is refilled. this was touted as a landmark green project, no chemically treated city water. they have been shoveling and plowing, but it is only october. and there is no snow. >> it is unbelievable. >> a month after the rebuild
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reflecting pool was reopened, and two weeks after we read the first to show you the algae invasion the national park service has trained all 4 million gallons. officials blame it on not enough ozone. >> because we did not have derided the beginning the algae established itself -- did not have it right at the beginning the algae established itself. it is a formidable foe. >> they decided to drain, scrub, and refilled. >> it is pretty. >> probably not good they had to do it two times. >> algae was not part of this $34 million project, but most seem to take it in stride. >> one of those things.
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>> does not bother you? >> no, not it all. >> it will cost an additional $100,000 this money is going to come out of the national park service maintenance budget. >> thank you. >> some nasty looking staff. >> let's talk about the weather. tomorrow, it sounds like it will be a really good day if you want to get out on the national mall. >> there is a big change coming. bob ryan is here. >> it has been a bit of the humid pattern. skies are clearing, it is a beautiful afternoon. nothing on doppler, our temperatures will be taking a little bit of a dip tonight.
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79 right now, hagerstown. here is the effect you are noticing. northwesterly winds, much lower humidity. it is a beautiful day on top of skyline drive. the big changes, one more really warm day and then watch out. >> the washington nationals way to find out whether they will play atlantic or st. louis. while they wait, the preparations for playoff baseball are in high gear. sam ford is outside nationals park. >> there will be at least one playoff game here in d.c., and that is next wednesday. if the nationals keep winning there will be more. if there are more games, the city has to do more to handle the record crowds.
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each day a playoff game is played in d.c., it will cost up to $75,000. triple the number of police officers in the immediate area of the stadium. >> you will see a lot of people not coming to the stadium, but are celebrating in other areas. >> a taxicab commission said on playoff days, cabs could charge $1 extra for each passenger until the mayor found out and mix to the idea. >> we want everybody to be in a great idea. >> as for cabbies -- >> the fans picked off the playoffs shirts and caps. that included a military man who recently moved his family from the d.c. area to san diego.
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a local fan who just had to sneak away from work to grab some seven years. -- souvenirs. the manager of this store told me today that he is 20 years old and in his lifetime, there has never been a championship baseball basketball or football team in d.c. that is hard to believe, but that is true. he is very pumped. the city is looking forward to revenue from taxes, restaurants, hotels hoping the playoffs will pay off. >> pay off enough to keep metro running. >> his streak is now broken.
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what teddy is predicting one day after his big win. >> many are protesting smart meters. >> why change in the law could be prompting people to abandon dogs rather than care for them. >> police got a 911 call that someone was abducted outside of a gymnasium [ female announcer
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] who will raise taxes on he middle class? barack obama and the liberals already have. to pay for government-run healthcare, you'll pay higher taxes and more for your medicine. and their plan includes a trillion dollars in higher taxes. veeven on the middle class. mitt romney and common sense conservatives will cut taxes on the middle class. and they'll close loopholes for millionaires. obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. [ romney] i'm mitt romne and i approve this message.
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>> a bizarre confrontation at a fort myers police department. a man comes inside brandishing a machete. he came in asking to speak with an officer. they immediately draw their weapons. right now, there is no word exactly on what he was doing. 100 neglected dogs had been abandoned around the dallas area. police say this might be the result of the new texas law. the state began to require it dog and cat breeders to obtain a license by undergoing an inspection. they believe -- >> they are in pretty rough shape. >> police say no when brushed
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them for least six months. animal control officials said the dogs are relatively healthy. >> nearly two dozen dogs rescue from a south carolina puppy mills are calling d.c. home. the dogs were found living in deplorable conditions. they had infections, many of them. they are now being treated and should and should be ready for adoption. >> -- and should be soon ready for adoption. >> the new report comes halfway through the corn harvest. the problem of keeping crops alive will continue into the winter wheat season as well. >> we have been tried here, but nothing like that. -- dry here, but nothing like that. let me show you the national
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drought. stretching from the dakotas oklahoma. those are the areas under the severe drought. on the north side, though, it is currently 29 degrees in northern minnesota. that is the first winter storm of the season in parts of northern minnesota. folks out in minnesota there is some color, but 6-10 inches of snow across extreme northern parts of minnesota. power outages, a winter storm warning. well north of the great lakes. that amount is a little bit much. around us, there is nothing going on.
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the leading edge of that colder air will be sweeping in as we get on into friday -- to sunday. 79 degrees as we had gone into a really delightful friday. look at minneapolis, the temperature is 49 degrees. the temperature has dropped 30 degrees. the main thing for us is a return of more october-ish air. later on in the weekend this big area of stormy ness, this trough in the atmosphere will be coming our way. but not tomorrow. the clouds are moving out overnight tonight, a very nice. tomorrow, it will be in the 60's. midmorning, temperatures will be in the mid-60's. temperatures rise once again to 80 degrees. outdoor recess day tomorrow. temperatures and high as 70's to about 80.
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some of that cold air advances our way. saturday, there will be some scattered showers beginning to develop. by late saturday and especially sunday the temperature by late saturday and sunday it really takes a tumble into the 40's. there could be some snow flurries for the mountains of western maryland and west virginia on sunday. but a lot if you were heading out to the redskins game on sunday. -- bundled up if you're heading out to the redskins game on sunday. a delightful afternoon. temperatures near 80 degrees with a west-southwest a leap wind. first part of saturday, it may be a passing shower. sunday, that will be the day when the temperature rarely takes a tumble. blustery cold, cloudy skies
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passing showers. it will move out of here. for the holiday on monday, a lot of sunshine. we just put up a blocg about what season is this anyhow. >> a little bit of everything right now. a scandal is on the tonight in prime time. a lot of questions about how olivia got your out of jail. bolivia is not offering any details. --olivia is not offering any details. >> you have to trust me that it is in your own best interest. >> it is on tonight at 10:00, followed by 87 news at 11:00. >> new developments in the case of a man attacking women in springfield. >> the new clues police have.
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>> protest against those smart president obama: during the last weeks of this campaign... there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. but if i could sit down with you, in your living room or... around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. when i took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred... thousand jobs a month, and were mired in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation we are... moving forward again. but we have much more to do to get folks back to work and...
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make the middle class secure again. now, governor romney bel bves that with even bigger... tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations... on wall street, all of us will prosper. in other words, he'd double down on the same trickle-down... policies that led to the crisis in the first place. so what's my plan? first, we create a million new manufacturing jobs... and help businesses double their exports... give tax brereaks to companies that... invest in america, not that ship jobs overseas. second, we cut our oil imports in half and produce more... american-made energy. oil, clean coal, natural gas... and new resources like wind, solar, and biofuels. all while doubling the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. third, we ensure that we maintain the best workforce... in the world by preparing a hundred thousand additional... math and science teachers; training two million... americans with the job skills they need our community... colleges; cutting the growth of tuition in half and... expanding student aid so more americans can afford it. fourth, a balanced plan to reduce
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our deficit by... four trillion dollars over the next decade, on top of the... trillion in spending we've already cut. i'd ask the wealthy to pay a little more. and as we end the war in afghanistan... let's apply half the savings to pay down our debt and... use the rest for some nation-building... right here at home. it's time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the... belief that growing our economy begins with a strong... thriving middle class. read my plan. compare it to governor romney's, and decide for yourself. thanks for listening. i'm barack obama and i appro this message. >> there was a protest today in northwest washington over smart meters. they allow passengers to pay for a cab using a credit card and a back seat. >> opponents say they can start fires in violate privacy laws.
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>> in this country and world has grown around the technology revolution. studies show they are safe. we have a lot of academic papers we are happy to let anyone read. >> the upgrade program for cabs was put on hold last month. >> a frightening scene in bethesda as two masked men grabbed the man and freedom in the back of a car. >> it turns out it was not a kidnapping. >> these men obviously did not think this one out. that people would be so frightened to called 911. police officers rushed to the bethesda sports and health club this afternoon. witnesses said two masked men
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turned up to the club and forced another man into the car and took off. someone managed to jot down the license plate number and called 911. it was all a hoax. >> everybody was looking, what is going on? >> the man who was supposedly abducted told police it was a bachelor party prank and in indian culture, it is tradition for the group to be kidnapped. -- groom to be kidnapped. >> it is ridiculous. >> police say these three men involved in today's big prank well to be charged with anything. we did not know how the group to be will be received once he returns to this -- groom-to-be will be received once he returns to his gym. >> many are asking what happened to the president during last night's debate.
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we talked to diane sawyer what her team is doing to find out. >> a lot of people asking the question what happened to president obama at the debate last night? what we learned today behind- the-scenes, coming up tonight. whether the election has changed. our series real money about navigating the real economy, how you can make a lot more money when you want to sell the family car. can we help you double the value? we will see tonight. >> as you know, teddy is still basking in the glory of this first win during the present's race. it finally happened yesterday. the nationals want to secure the home to advantage in the playoffs. teddy came away victorious. the phillies fanatic look-alike who will take out the other
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competitors, strange looking. steve got the chance to talk to teddy. this is the big get. >> can you pull another one out? that looks like a man with confidence. best wishes in the playoffs. >> i'm just glad you did not topple over on to steve. if you want to see more from today's interview you can go to >> that was cute. coming up, liam neeson is back with another installment of "taken." >> police have put a face to the man responsible for attacking
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5 with leon harris, alison starling doug hill. >> police are finally putting a face with a man believed to be behind 5 attacks in springfield. police released this composite sketch of the suspect today. residents are protecting themselves. >> people in this neighborhood are looking over their shoulders. police arrived here passing out this poster. they want everyone in this neighborhood to take a very close look at this sketch of their suspect. women walking along this road in springfield for making sure they walk in groups. >> we are going walking.
5:31 pm
today, i was afraid of going today. >> this is a composite sketch released today of the man that has this neighborhood on edge. police say the five women from 15-40-years old have been victims. >> i had my purse and my hand, she says. he could have easily taken it, but instead, he described to me. -- he just grabbed me. today, we shall the schedule of the suspect to people who live in a neighborhood. -- we showed the sketch of the suspect to people who live in the neighborhood. they were happy to see this sketch but they want him caught. >> we know a lot of the
5:32 pm
neighbors. we're trying to do what we can to keep our eyes open. >> right now, there are several police cars in this neighborhood. they will be here throughout the night talking to residents tried to find any clues to find this man. >> turning out to the penn state scandal. the wife of jerry sandusky is getting back $50,000 in cash and a home put up for a bond before his conviction. the request was granted this afternoon. his wife put up the money and her home as collateral for his $200,000 bond. he remains in jail under isolation. he will be sentenced next week. >> it is time to look at the day's other top stories. a massive manhunt is underway for a missing teenager. he has not been seen since
5:33 pm
monday after buying donuts and a bottle of water from a duncan doughnuts on route 50. -- dunkin donuts on route 50. >> the reflecting pool is empty tonight because of audi. -- audi. -- algae. >> the race for the white house is heating up. analysts agreed that mitt romney one of the debate last night. money -- many undecided voters are still waiting to make their decisions. there are 33 days until the election. >> during the debate, we reviewed some brand new technology. it allows you to weigh in on what you see during the debates. it is not exactly a scientific, but instant reaction is a brand
5:34 pm
new tool. >> you can use your smart phones or your ipad to use this app. go to in real time, you can respond to what is going on in the debate. 22,000 individual reactions. from those reactions you submit, we did this. this is the entire debate, what you like, what you did not. we can look at just what governor romney was saying or just what president obama was setting. we can zoom in at a particular moment. >> that is how we cut taxes for middle-class families. that is how we cut a trillion dollars of spending that was not advancing the cause. >> you can see at any point you
5:35 pm
can see how many people were agreeing disagreeing spiining, or dodging a point. look at the present's closing statements or governor romney's closing statements. >> i will not cut our commitment to our military. i will keep america strong and it's the middle class working again. >> 164 reactions came and u.s. -- to us. they agreed with what the governor was saying. 144 reactions for disagreeing. he got more like said during his clothes than the president. he also got more disagreement that the president did during his closing statement. we will do this again during all the debates. all you need to do is go to on your smart phone or your tablets.
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we would love to hear your thoughts. >> thank you. metropolitan police say a motorcyclist was seriously hurt in an accident in northeast d.c. it happened around noon on route 50. that stretch of road was closed, it has since reopened. there is no word on his condition. time for a check on our traffic situation. >> we are seeing delays on 395 southbound on washington boulevard heading towards duke street. your travel lanes are open. travel the inner loop of the belt way. the delays began near the 66 all the way to 270.
5:37 pm
those delays will take you to the baltimore-washington parkway. that is the latest. >> coming up, a devastating disease is turning the joys of motherhood into a nightmare. >> will you be taken with "taken 2"? or will you feel taken? >> the federal government makes a major bust involving doctors.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good invest..nt... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting...
5:40 pm
low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? >> will you be taken a second time around? >> arch campbell check it out. >> i will take it. it turned into a surprise hit a few years back. he has another kidnapping to straighten out.
5:41 pm
>> dad surprise. >> liam neeson invites his ex- wife and their daughter to meet him in istanbul. big mistake. as soon as they hit town, shatter the bad guys kidnapped him and his ex-wife while their daughter gets away. she got kidnapped in the first movie. the audience started laughing when she started throwing grenades. she also all runs a half of istanbul even though she can pass her driver's test in california. paid to see this and you will be taken too. one star, pg-13. i cannot take it anymore.
5:42 pm
>> all right. take that, liam neeson. >> he has been a nice guy and a good actor. he took them. >> thank you. as always. some of the most famous shoes in movie history are leaving them estonian. they are loading -- leaving the smithsonian. they're loading the ruby slippers they return to the american history museum in november 21. >> coming up next, bedbugs are
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back in the area. >> the links between [ male announcer ] we the people, the middle class who move our country forward, work
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hard raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000 while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the conontent of this advertisin
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>> a new study is drawing a connection between childbirth impressed cancer. >> this unusual link. >> she works in finance, a young wife and mother to four-year- old. one day at work, she received a phone call that changed her life. >> i am sorry to tell you, you have breast cancer. >> 32 years old, and she was healthy and now diagnosed with breast cancer. her first thought was not been around for hircine. >> i want to see the first day of kindergarten. >> she had a bilateral the ceo -- a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy. >> i did not go ride a bike with them. i cannot do those things. >> breast cancer is an uncommon in women so young. a woman's risk of breast cancer
5:47 pm
goes up in the five years or so after she has a child. one-third of the 25,000 cases diagnosed in women under 45 or incidents of postpartum breast cancer. >> it may be the core models fluctuations during pregnancy that they stimulate -- the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. >> she is doing well now, the right now, she's not sure about expanding her family. >> it is making sure that i am here for what i fought for, my husband and my sign. >> they do not want these findings to scare young mothers. there is still much more research that needs to be done. >> 7 is on your side with a growing concern about a rare
5:48 pm
form of meningitis. five people have died. three dozen people in six different states have become six after receiving steroid injections, mostly for back pain. hundreds of patients have been contacted. >> we wish that we could bring patients together. to answer these questions and put their mind to rest. >> health officials believe the steroid product is at fault and they trace it back to a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. >> good morning america anchor robin roberts says a recovery a sometimes painful, but is going well. roberts had bone marrow transplant from her sister. it was two weeks ago after being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.
5:49 pm
she has been in the hospital for 25 days. she may be well enough to continue her recovery from home starting next week. >> she has a lot of people rooting for her. let's see what is coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has a look ahead. >> guess what everybody is talking about? >> the debate. >> mitt romney is getting ready to take a victory lap of sorts. scott is looking after it -- at the day after the debate. >> next week, the trial begins for the marching band members accused of playing a role and the drum majors death. robert champion died during a hazing incident.
5:50 pm
we will also be hearing from two bedmates about what happened the night he died. -- band mates about what happened the night he died. >> bob ryan is and with the latest. it is a delightful afternoon. here is what is going on in the weather center. it is nice and clear out there. let me take you up to skyline drive. you can see that there is are calibrated tree at the visitors' center. over the last 12 hours, a bit of color beginning to show. in the high spots some good color beginning to show. it is still pretty much green. in the high spots of west virginia and garrett county, some really good color for this weekend. if you are planning, i would do
5:51 pm
it tomorrow or saturday. by the time we get into sunday, it is quite to be wind and cold. i will tell you more when i join you at 6:00. temperatures by side they will really be taking a tumble. a holiday on monday, a pretty nice day. >> we will give the national stock arrest for eminent. -- the national's talk arrest for eight minutes. >> we always talk about rgiii but trent williams can take some credit. he has grown literally and figuratively with the redskins.
5:52 pm
6 foot 5 inches and 325 pounds, williams is spreading himself in becoming a bigger man these days. -- priding himself in becoming a bigger man these days. >> i was able to get through it and come out a little better. >> he was suspended the final four games for violating the substance-abuse policy. this year, he has been a rock. >> that is a step in the right direction. a couple of years ago, it would have been hard for me to get out there. >> williams is now in his third season and is a change in attitude is not lost on his teammates. >> you see all the things that he has done those first two years. it is more than playing football, it is a job. >> it tells you about the character of the man.
5:53 pm
>> i like his attitude, i like his demeanor. >>: williams knows how much that suspension serve his motivation. >> i would have matured more even if i did not get suspended, but that suspension did add fuel to the fire. >> the nationals are resting until they find out who they will play in the playoffs. we will tell you if top recruits chose maryland or not. between kentucky and maryland. >> thank you. coming up next, bedbugs innovative college community.
5:54 pm
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditns in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when?
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one biion dollars. ney that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think will be a. good thing for the state of maryland. waxed a nasty problem is bring its head again at the
5:57 pm
university of maryland. >> what is being done to get rid of bedbugs. >> these little critters are making life tough for students living at the south campus comments. bedbugs have moved in. >> they had to clean out all the rooms. >> she and her roommate had been living out of bags for six weeks. >> they have given us no other option other than staying in our rooms. >> the university tells me they do not run these dorms. this bed bug problem is consistent in most of the buildings. officials tell me as soon as they find out about a problem they sent an exterminator who will treat the apartment multiple times until the bugs are gone.
5:58 pm
the company says there are typically five-10 cases a year. >> they are transported between apartments come out between buildings. it is not livable. >> you are like, paranoid. you are not comfortable in your own place. >> students are told in their lease how to avoid any -- bringing bedbugs back inside the dorms. >> that is going to do it for us at 5:00. >> the president may have been a bit lucky last night. he certainly changed his town today -- low key last night. he certainly changed his tone today. >> it has become the case of
5:59 pm
charge and countercharge. >> and another chapter in the battle over the buses in one school district. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6, on your side. >> the first presidential debate is in the bucks, but the war of words goes on. -- books, but the war of words boson. -- goes on. >> we watched the president speak daily and this is the first time i saw him come out and without cause, go right into attacking mitt romney. clearly, trying to rebound from what some considered a

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